New Inventory!

We are receiving an abundance of new inventory & the trucks are flying off the lot! Call a Skyco Representative about   Stock #R100 or any other inquires.

This new truck is an Automatic TimberJack 230D with Terex Telect Commander 5000 equipment. This truck has a great price point at $32,900.


Digger Derrick Safety

When using heavy equipment there is always risks of injury, accidents or dangers. There are many serious safety tips to follow when running a Digger Derrick Truck. If an electrical storm is approaching or occurring, DO NOT operate your Digger Derrick. Before operating, be aware of manufacturer’s instructions and manual that are applicable to ANSI standards, OSHA rules, NESC safety guidelines, local, state and federal regulations.

The first step to take would to have all operators be properly trained. In addition to completing the training, everyone should exercise safe operating rules. You should only allow trained operators to run your digger derrick.

Secondly, the maintenance of a Digger Derrick is crucial in practicing safe operations. Authorized personnel should check the digger derrick and give the OK on the safety inspection. If adjustments or repairs have been performed, before operating the vehicle be sure:

  • all guards and covers have been installed
  • all safety devices have been reactivated
  • maintenance equipment has been removed
  • boom has been cycled

Finally, when using controls on the Digger Derrick make sure the operator is standing on the vehicle and not on the ground. It is important to have them wear steel close toed shoes and protective gear. It is also substantial to know the total weight of the load to be lifted so no accidents take place. Keep replacement ropes up to code, be sure of foot placement and driver should wear a seat belt.

This is a quick and easy way to make sure employees, operators, and you will be safe while using any heavy equipment.

Have you ever had any accidents using your Digger Derrick truck?